San Francisco/Scottsdale Trip Recap

The wife and I did our first longer trip of 2018 to San Francisco and Scottsdale in May.  San Francisco was added because I had an invite to San Francisco Golf Club that I could not turn down!

Look out for course tours of all the tracks coming up in the following weeks.

It was a week full of golf for me and full of relaxation for my wife.  Let’s get into some of the details of the trip.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

SF was a small part of the trip and we were really just there for the golf.  I’ll leave that part of the trip out of this recap, but be sure to check out the course tours for any tidbits.

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Virginia Trip Recap

My recent trip to Virginia was for a short weekend getaway.  I played Spring Creek and Golden Horseshoe (Gold).  Check out the posts on those courses if you haven’t yet.

As a side note, I’m going to make an effort to take better notes on this portion of my trips when applicable.  On some of the golf-centric jaunts where I’m not experiencing too much of the area, there may not be a need for these recaps.


This trip was mainly for the golf, but we hadn’t really been to the Williamsburg area.  We wanted to check out a new place.


We tried a few places around the area.  I don’t have them all in my memory bank, but there are solid options.  A few that I can recommend I’ve listed below.

  • Alewerks Brewing Company – They have plenty of beers on tap in their taproom.  Flights are available as well as plenty of beer for purchase.  Since we were there in late September the Pumpkin beer was in season and was very solid.  Also very good was the Chesapeake Pale Ale.  They have a live music spot outside which was well attended with fall temps in the air.
  • The Williamsburg Winery – This was a trip arranged by the wife.  We did some wine tasting, but that was it here.  We didn’t sample the restaurant but did leave with some bottles.


Everything at Golden Horseshoe was phenomenal.  My player host made the round awesome.  The rest of the professional staff was very welcoming and tended to my every need.

Spring Creek was friendly service as well.  It was on par with an upscale daily-fee course.


We headed over to the complex at historic Jamestowne to get a dose of history.  There is tons of information here for people of all ages.  I definitely recommend this for families.

I did a little driving through the William and Mary campus but didn’t stop at anything.  If I get back I think a campus tour would be very interesting.

Nebraska/Colorado Trip Recap

I initially started some trip recaps/roundups earlier in this site’s life, but I want to get back to them.  I’m going to workshop these for a bit and play around with the format, so don’t expect uniformity for a while.

Let me know your thoughts on these.  What do you want to see more of?  Less of? Formatting?  Let your voice be heard in the comments.


The wife was on a girls trip with her mom and aunt in the summer of 2017 and I wasn’t invited.  So I decided I would drive, yes you heard me right, to Nebraska and Colorado to play some golf in places I’d never been.


  • I am pretty simple when it comes to food if I’m flying solo.  I won’t seek out the best places because I want to enjoy those with my wife.
  • That being said the food at Ballyneal was spot on.  It was second only to the hospitality I felt from everyone on staff who couldn’t have been better.


  • I don’t remember his name, but had a great bartender at Fossil Trace who was just the right amount of talkative without being bothersome.  Really enjoyed my time there.


  • Got to play Fossil Trace with two employees who were great guys.  The shepherded me around the course and gave me good spots to take pictures.
  • I won’t remember much of the non-golf portions of this trip because I didn’t do much, but it was very peaceful with all the golf I got to play and the the beautiful drives through the middle of the country.

Thoughts on Northern Michigan

I wanted to take a quick minute to get my thoughts down about my most recent excursion.  We got back from Northern Michigan this past Saturday night after a long drive.  I like driving because it gives me time to think and spend time with the wife.

During that drive I contemplated just how good Northern Michigan golf really is.  It reminded me a lot of New Hampshire, which made it extra special to me due to my family connections.  The golf was super fun and different at each course.  From old school tracks like Boyne Highlands Resort (Heather) to newer courses like Forest Dunes and Arcadia Bluffs there is something for everyone.  The scenery was spectacular along the lake that due to it’s size looks more like an ocean.  Lakeside golf is awesome!

We stayed in the charming town of Petoskey and I can highly recommend it.  There is plenty to do and the surrounding food spots were great.  Michigan has a craft brewery culture and it was excellent.  I have plenty of food recommendations if you need them!

Another tip I will mention relates to when to visit.  Since we were there in May, you might have some cold temperatures.  You will be ok if you pack accordingly, which is easier if you’re driving.  Additionally, May is black fly season so you should probably bring some bug spray.  We only encountered them at certain spots, but they could be overwhelming at times.  Thank God they don’t bite!

All in all the trip was really fun.  We love to see places we have never been and Michigan fits the bill.  Their slogan of Pure Michigan rang true the entire time.

California 2016 Trip Report

  • Time – 2016
  • Courses Played – The Links at Spanish Bay, California Golf Club of San Francisco, Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore), Rooster Run Golf Club
  • Travel – I am changing it up here.  You guys don’t need exact distances so I will give you the general idea.  We flew into San Francisco and drove to Salinas to stay one night.  I played Spanish Bay the next morning then we drove up to Sonoma which was our home base for the rest of the trip.  I used the rental car to get back to San Francisco and Monterey.  It was a lot of driving, but well worth it.
  • Overview – A trip to celebrate some family birthdays, we went with my in-laws and my wife’s aunt and uncle.  We stayed in a great hotel called the Lodge at Sonoma.  I highly recommend it.  I was there for the golf, but the wine tastings and downtown are well worth your time.  It is beautiful out there.
  • Food – In Sonoma I would recommend Rossi’s for BBQ and Saddles for steak.  We took one day and drove over to Bodega Bay where we had crab sandwiches and clam chowder at Spud Point Crab Co, which was really good!  Check out some pics of Bodega Bay below.

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Georgia/Florida 2016 Trip Report

Georgia & Florida

  • Time – 2016
  • Courses Played (bold = favorites of the trip) – Sea Island Golf Club (Seaside), Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort, World Woods Golf Club (Pine Barrens), Trump National Doral (The Blue Monster)
  • Distance – Approximately 325 miles to Sea Island with a drive time of a little over 5 hours.  The next leg of the trip to Hammock Beach was just under 150 miles and a little over 2.5 hours followed by another leg of about the same length to Brooksville and World Woods.  The final leg to Trump National Doral was a shade over 300 miles and 5 hours.  A good bit of driving, but well worth it.
  • Overview – This trip was for my wife’s birthday, much like my trip the previous year.  Luckily for me, she is so supportive of this quest that the first part of the week could be devoted to playing some golf.  She rode along on three of the rounds which made it more fun for me since I was playing as a single.  It’s always good to have someone else take the photos!
  • Suggestion – We bounced around a lot in the beginning part of the week as we made our way down to the Florida Keys for my wife’s part of the week.  If you decide to do that, I suggest playing the courses in the order I did.  It was a nice way to maneuver down the state.  I went to Trump National Doral from the Keys, but you could do it on the way down.  Sea Island is very ritzy and I didn’t stay there (out of my range), but do it if you can.  Palm Coast and Brooksville are normal American towns.  Miami is a whole other world, but we spent most of our time in the Keys.
  • Tidbits – I played by myself every round, which kept the pace of play up.  That could be a different story for you, but that is the benefit of playing in the middle of the week.  Take a stroll around at Sea Island and Trump National Doral to see how big time money can be spent two polar opposite ways.  Very interesting!

Florida 2015 Trip Report


  • Time – 2015
  • Courses Played – Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club, Streamsong (Red), Streamsong (Blue)
  • Distance – Approximately 528 miles from home with a drive time of 7 hours and 20 minutes to Orlando.  It was about an hour and a half to Streamsong from where we were staying.
  • Overview – The wife had a conference for work.  That was good news for me because I could tag along.  Every time we had been to Florida in the past had been in the summer, so I was looking forward to more pleasant temperatures.
  • Suggestion – We stayed in the town of Celebration.  It is a planned community and was easily walkable and had some good food!  We went to Café D’Antonio for some good Italian food.  We also went to the Celebration Town Tavern twice for solid seafood.  We took in a Patriots game here one night.  It is a Boston inspired bar and I was with plenty of fellow Pats fans!
  • Tidbits – The wind was relentless at Streamsong both days, but that only added to the experience.  The service at Streasong was top notch.  They treated me like a VIP.  I carried my own bag and both courses were easy walks.