Grayhawk Golf Club (Talon)

Grayhawk Golf Club (Talon) – Played May 2018

  • Rankings: Golf Magazine Public #99
  • Location: 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Year: 1994
  • Architect: David Graham & Gary Panks
  • Course Access: Public
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Talon: 6,973 yards, Par 72, 73.3 Rating/146 Slope
  • Palo Verde: 6,430 yards, Par 72, 70.8 Rating/134 Slope
  • Terra Cotta: 5,867 yards, Par 72, 68.3 Rating/122 Slope (Men’s), 73.3 Rating/136 Slope (Women’s)
  • Heather: 5,143 yards, Par 72, 69.3 Rating/118 Slope

The Talon course at Grayhawk Golf Club was my first foray into desert golf.  It was also my first course played in Arizona after arriving from our quick jaunt to San Francisco.

I had a 7:40 am tee time and was ready to go to beat the heat.  Once I checked in, the pro shop attendant told me I was the first player off.  This is always great news if I am playing by myself.  I told him I’d see him in a couple hours about which he didn’t seem confident. Continue reading “Grayhawk Golf Club (Talon)”

Lake Merced Golf Club

Lake Merced Golf Club – Played May 2018

  • Rankings: None of the four lists
  • Location: 2300 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Daly City, California
  • Year: 1922
  • Architect: Willie Lock
  • Course Access: Private
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Green: 6,925 yards, Par 72, 74.3 Rating/133 Slope
  • Black: 6,613 yards, Par 72, 73.0 Rating/129 Slope
  • Blue: 6,309 yards, Par 72, 72.0 Rating/128 Slope
  • Blue/White: 6,123 yards, Par 72, 71.2 Rating/126 Slope
  • White: 5,915 yards, Par 72, 70.2 Rating/124 Slope
  • White/Red: 5,498 yards, Par 72, 72.1 Rating/126 Slope
  • Red: 5,109 yards, Par 72, 69.8 Rating/121 Slope

After our lunch at SFGC it was off to our second round of the trip at Lake Merced Golf Club.

The club has a place in the history of golf in San Francisco for sure.  Founded in 1922, within a year of opening it hosted a match between Gene Sarazen and the reigning British Open champion, Arthur Havers.  Quite an event for a young club!

Later in the 1920’s Alister MacKenzie did some redesign work.  Moving into the 1930’s the club was a frquent host to the San Francisco Open.  The arrival of Interstate 280 in the 1960’s caused more change.  Subsequent work on the course has been done by Robert Muir Graves and Rees Jones.  A 2010 switch from poa annua to bent grass greens is a highlight of these changes. Continue reading “Lake Merced Golf Club”

San Francisco Golf Club

San Francisco Golf Club – Played May 2018

  • Rankings: Golf Digest #32, Golf Magazine #18
  • Location: Junipero Serra & Brotherhood Way, San Francisco, California
  • Year: 1918
  • Architect: A.W. Tillinghast
  • Course Access: Private
  • Walking Rules: Walking Only, Caddies Available

Score Card Information:

  • Championship: 6,836 yards, Par 71, 73.6 Rating/133 Slope
  • Regular: 6,415 yards, Par 71, 71.3 Rating/130 Slope
  • Legacy (Red): 6,022 yards, Par 71, 69.5 Rating/127 Slope
  • Forward (Green): 5,426 yards, Par 71, 67.0 Rating/122 Slope

Like a step back in time.  That is the feeling I got when entering San Francisco Golf Club.  But let’s take a step back and see how I got here. Continue reading “San Francisco Golf Club”

San Francisco/Scottsdale Trip Recap

The wife and I did our first longer trip of 2018 to San Francisco and Scottsdale in May.  San Francisco was added because I had an invite to San Francisco Golf Club that I could not turn down!

Look out for course tours of all the tracks coming up in the following weeks.

It was a week full of golf for me and full of relaxation for my wife.  Let’s get into some of the details of the trip.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

SF was a small part of the trip and we were really just there for the golf.  I’ll leave that part of the trip out of this recap, but be sure to check out the course tours for any tidbits.

Continue reading “San Francisco/Scottsdale Trip Recap”

What I Want to Write About

I’ve been struggling a bit lately in determining what course I want to take with my writing.  You can read all over the internet about strategies to grow a blog.  Be very niche, don’t write about too many different avenues, etc.

I am sure that is all great advice and I will do my best to follow it.  That being said, I am going to try to stick to writing about only what moves me in golf.  That may change depending on the day :).

For the last two majors that has strategy has led to me not doing predictions like I’ve done in the past.  Predicting golf tournaments has always been a fool’s errand for me.  I’m rarely right and I spend the event concerned if my picks don’t do well.  Some of that is on me, but I much more enjoy an event when I just let it play out.

So what moves me in golf?  I think you all know that it is golf travel, first and foremost.  So you will continue to see course tours.  I’m not the best wordsmith obviously, but the pictures help.

My goal with course tours is to give you a relatively real-time evaluation of the course through photos.  I want you to see what I see and enjoy the tour.  Maybe they will help you with trip planning.  Maybe they are inspirational.  Maybe you just like to see some golf pictures.  Whatever it may be, I’m not here to give in-depth architecture takes or explain golf strategy.  I want to point out what the photos may not show clearly and provide some context.  Hopefully that shows through.

Other than that, my direction may change here and there, but golf is still my passion.  It will continue to give me good content in the future.


Southern Pines Golf Club

Southern Pines Golf Club – Played Sometime 2011-2013

  • Rankings: None of the four lists
  • Location: 290 Country Club Circle, Southern Pines, North Carolina
  • Year: 1906
  • Architect: Donald Ross
  • Course Access: Semi-Private
  • Walking Rules: Carts Available

Score Card Information:

  • Blue: 6,354 yards, Par 71, 70.2 Rating/129 Slope
  • White: 6,126 yards, Par 71, 68.9 Rating/126 Slope
  • Gold: 5,724 yards, Par 71, 67.4 Rating/121 Slope
  • Red: 5,318 yards, Par 74, 71.1 Rating/125 Slope
  • Baby Blue: 4,015 yards, Par 74, 60.5 Rating/105 Slope

This course is one of the hidden gems if you aren’t in the know.  It is old school Donald Ross having been established in 1906 as a nine-holer and expanded a few years later.  There is an extensive history on the course website that I invite you to look over.

The truly great thing about this course is the value.  It is probably the best value in the area as you get a classic Ross course for well under $100 and sometimes below $50.  You will see Ross’s fingerprints all over the photos. Continue reading “Southern Pines Golf Club”